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[ポッポーズ (ひよこ大王)] ひよこのストッキングフェティッシュ

When one who loves hentai seeks for some pantyhosed ladies, you go to G-Panda to fulfill that desire. It you wish for kneesocks, then the stop is at Akaza. Stockings in the other hand, it belongs to Hiyoko. The boss for the thigh silky nylons. Oh, the way this artists does feet, you can notice that he/she has feet in mind all the time.

The so called fetish line on the back of the stockings starting in the upper, draws a uniform straight figure that leads to her feet caressing sensually the curvature of the heel. Btw, that woman is kinky, slurping the cum from the stockings she used to give a footjob. Lovely image. :3

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[C.R’s NEST] 秘書艦イクちゃんの専属性感マッサージ -箝口令4- (艦隊これくしょん-艦これ-)

Easily the best footy doujinshi of the year. 9 pages of pure bliss with sexy anthropomorphized  submarine i-19 showing prowess of her skills as a foot mistress to give the ride of his life to this lucky guy. She will work his rod from every angle: You want toes, she does toejobs. How about a shaft rub with them? You got it! Soles? She can wrap his dick with her ample feet bottoms for maximum grip. Heck! She can go as far as to trample his balls digging with her toes to force a burst or pre-cum from a normal front stance or reverse footjob while she smothers him with her delicious giant boobs. Incredible!

No wonder he cums so hard and furiously after receiving such amazing  ashi service. ^_^

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[チーズ酵母 (なか)] かえるびくす2

The adventures of the froggy loli whose naked body we can see as clear as the bonfire in a dark souls game, continues. No ashikoki in this one, unfortunately, but we still have a nice few pages focused on the nice curvy footsies of the cute girl (those eyes of the cover are hilarious xDD ). Well, the suit does what it promises, and she seems to be really into it by now. Her boyfriend must be the happiest guy in the world.

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[チーズ酵母 (なか)] かえるびくす

This is a take from that strange frog outfit of Mario but now with a loli in it xDD The rubbery suit serves a purpose of making the user sweat a lot to have better slim results, but the pervert who suggested his gf to put it in has other more dark intentions in mind for this particular costume. :3

That footjob looks hot, but I’m sure it feels like receiving a footy pedal with a rub on. xDD

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[Gぱんだ (御堂つかさ)] パンスト刑事「監」 (シティーハンター)

Based Midoh Tsukasa for making City Hunter doujin gems featuring a babe like Saeko Nogami (my favorite female from this series).

G-Panda made two other works prior to this one where we saw Saeko as a detective following the track of a group of kidnappers, negotiating the life of hostages in exchange of sexual favors. There, she’d fall victim of a narcotic aphrodisiac that amplifies the lust for pleasure. Now as a policewoman, unable to turn down her inhibitions, she will have sex for the sake of it with convicts.

Thankfully, in this third chapter is when G-Panda decided to include foot fetish elements to the story. Seeing Saeko skillfully giving reverse footjobs with her nyloned sexy shaped feet and working the tip of a random guy’s shaft with her smooth toes, is stuff of legends!

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[幻影帝都 (超絶野朗)] 征服はピーの後で (世界征服〜謀略のズヴィズダー〜)

Isn’t this the famed Loli Conquest? The one where we follow this little girl who is in fact the leader of a villain faction of sorts? Either way, I think this anime is part of my never ending log of series to watch. But, what kind of plot is Kate planning in here that involves pedaling the manhood of the clueless newbie in the group guy, Asuta, ‘cuz I want to join that if it helps to reach her goal. :3

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[たこ焼き畑 (たこ焼き)] アマオトシ (東方Project)

The thing I love about Touhou dous is that I learned more about the many characters thru this type works rather than with the games. xDD Apparently Seija Kijin (the girl in this dou) either is barefooted of wears sandals that left the feet bare, so I already like her, hehe! Anyway, it seems that in this story instead of having the power to put objects upside down, now she what does is invert the free will or emotions of other people.

She’s got little yet well proportioned feet, can’t deny that there’s something kinky about a well sized chinchin being pushed down by the dominant petite foot of acute girl like Seija

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 [百々ふぐり (しんどう)] はたらく火ヴァルちゃん (パズドラ)

There’s not a single thing I don’t like about this dou. Only two pages dedicated to foot fetish, but enough to consider it as a fine example of a mangaka actually denoting having a foot fixation for how well cared and detailed the feet are. I love the legging cloth attached around a toering, the delicious oval shaped toenails and the nice added of the toes pushing forward the foreskin on the penis of this lucky boy. Such an exquisite treat to the eye for us toe lovers. *o*

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[Σ-Arts (神毛物由宇)] ドエスニコミ (すーぱーそに子)

Love idol feet (putting this on the table since Sonico is one :3 ). Ok, this dou plays with the idea of actually following the whole thing of innocent idol image, showing Sonico as a clueless of her own sex appeal girl almost to a fault and then we have the main character portrayed as a photographer who is a pervert and wonders if she’s really a pure flower of if it is just an act. Meanwhile, he fantasizes all sorts of sexual situations with her, including a under the table footjob.

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[H.B.A (うさぎなごむ)] 搾り魔女

Gotta give so much love to Vanillaware for the niche trend on doujinshis after Dragon’s Crown of doin’ sorceress characters on the extra busty side. Too bad she’s not the one giving the footjob in this, rather the oni girl. She”s a hottie dark skinned girl (btw, a ashikoki while the guy is wearing a rubber, interesting if not rare) but I wanted the magician lady making the footy honors. Either way, I really liked the style.