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[クレスタ (呉マサヒロ)] CL-orz 39 (ラブライブ!)

Third and final doujinshi dedicated on Love Live by Masahiro under the CL-orz’s series. Surprisingly, not a single direct foot fetish (you know, foojobs, worshiping) panel in any of these works. At least the feet focus is there to a degree (this time with an amazing view on Rin’s sole-nyan~ :3 ).

Of course Eli is my other favorite member of muse (she’s so close to Nozomi in my preferences… btw, I love the ship between them. It’s the best couple in my opinion despite going against the most popular choice of Maki and Nico), but Hanayo has grown in me a lot lately. Maybe because she’s basically Ai Shinozaki anime version, she’s so darn cute.

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 [クレスタ (呉マサヒロ)] CL-orz 38 (ラブライブ!)

Umi showing her naughty side is too much for me! She is another of my main favorite muse members mostly because she’s the most “Japanese”, by that I mean in terms of personality being close to the nadeshiko appeal, also she does archery and practices traditional dance. She’s very strict yet kinda shy, I just find her adorable.

And I love that Masahiro focuses on her in this dou. Also, I’m totally on board of the ship between Umi and Honoka. They make a cute pair. 

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[クレスタ (呉マサヒロ)] CL-orz37 (ラブライブ!)

Nozomi is love, Nozomi is life! Nozomi is my favorite muse (of course she having the biggest bust didn’t had anything to do with my preference… yeah right xDD). Kinda bummed Masahiro won’t do a ashikoki scene with her, but at least there’s a couple of nice views on her soles/toes well defined through the stockings.

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ガールズフォーム Vol.07 (post 14)

3rd page - A maid cafe where cute girls serve you a nice sweet with a cup of latte and a rosetta formed of cream on the surface. Then, when you are about to finish enjoying it, a sudden acute pain comes from your crotchal region, and you realize that the innocent looking lady just gave you a kick in the nuts for no reason whatsoever.