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ガールズフォーム Vol.06 (post FINAL)

Last post from this issue of Girl forM. Always fun to find out what new deviant stories our favorite ecchi mangakas will come up next. Let’s finish the same way we started, with cute sadistic girls, stepping on the head of a M to the core male.

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ガールズフォーム Vol.06 (post 21)

I bet the stench from her feet is so strong mixed with the leathery smell of the laced up high heel boots (very Japanese style, I like them as far as boots goes) she wore all day, and the intense odor coming from buckets of sweat accumulated inside, that a single sniff would get you instantly hard in your pants.

See the expression of the guy drowning on his own saliva from the ecstasy of having her pungent sexy socked feet rubbed against his face.